Room Bookings have moved: Rooms now each have their own calendar and are now booked via the Office 365 Email system and calendar meeting requests.

FROM WEBMAIL: Log in to your Webmail, create a new Calendar Event and invite the Room to the event either by clicking the “Add Room” button or via the Scheduling Assistant. (View online help.)

FROM OUTLOOK: Create a new Meeting, select Scheduling Assistant and click the “Add Rooms…” button at the bottom of the screen. Or click the “Room Finder” icon on the toolbar to find Rooms on the right hand side menu. (View online help.)

ACCEPT/DECLINE: You will receive an “Accepted” email from the room if the booking is confirmed, or you will receive a “Declined” email if there are conflicts, with the specific conflicting bookings listed in the body of the email.

BENEFITS: Some of the benefits include setting up recurring meetings (eg. same period every 2 weeks), linking to your calendar (for reminders), and being able to book from anywhere via webmail, and viewing the free/busy status for multiple rooms and people from a single screen, in order to find the next available slot.

GOTCHAS: The default event/meeting times are per half-hour, which doesn’t map to our School Period times. Therefore you will need to type in the start and end time for periods. (eg. 08h20 – 09h10). If you booked until 09h30, the next person wanting to book from 09h15 will have their request declined because of the overlap.

Room Booking from Outlook
Room Booking from Webmail
Scheduling Assistant in Webmail