The Staff Notebook allows a department, group or team of Staff Members to create, structure and share content. To create a Departmental Staff Notebook use the wizard here

Staff Notebook Creator


Using the Staff Notebook to record Departmental Appraisals

All the documentation and guides you might need to set up your departmental Notebooks can be found in the Staff Appraisal notebook.

The idea is that you create a notebook with departmental members as sections (really individual notebooks) and then copy in the relevant paperwork. (on the pages of that notebook e.g. Life Sciences “Notebook” with a Jacques Pienaar “Section” and on “page 1” would be his staff development record sheet. The “Jacques Pienaar” section thus will be created by HoD, but shared with only the member of department and the academic head, who will oversee all paperwork.

You would use the Staff Notebook wizard to set this up for your department. You can find a user guide here, and when you’re ready you can create your own Staff Notebook here.

Any Questions and/or Comments, please don’t hesitate to ask Jacques Pienaar.